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Musical Siblings

Faith&Harry Rowan are British-American musicians, recordingartists, and singer/songwriters. The multi-talented duo both play violin, piano, guitar, and recently Harry added drums to his list of accomplishments. While Faith staying in the string family has been learning ukulele. The Rowan’s musical journey started when Faith was 3, she began violin lessons and soon showed amazing skill for a toddler. By 5 piano and voice were added to weekly lessons. Harry was to follow the same path, for him the piano became his favorite instrument, sitting for hours composing melodies on the keys. ❤️

After passing a violin audition at 7 Faith was accepted into the SC Youth Orchestra, as was Harry two years later when he also reached 7. The siblings were soon asked to perform across the state and beyond playing classical repertoire at fund raisers, art gallery openings, and music festivals. The Rowans performed with the Youth Orchestra for three years and enjoyed playing many classical concerts at ‘The Koger Centre’ Columbia. ❤️

It seemed the Rowan kids were on the path to a classical future, however Faith just nine started to compose pop songs, and Harry expanded his piano repertoire to Jazz compositions. so the youngsters took time away from performing while they learnt new instruments and vocal skills to meet the demands of a new direction. By 2016 Faith & Harry were ready to reveal their updated talents, who new they would become social media stars! Within a week of opening a Facebook account the rising stars had thousands of followers, with the precocious pair performing covers from the 70s and 80s. By 2017 the youngsters were enjoying life as recording artists in the Jam Room recording studios in Columbia SC. Phillip Cope the Rowan’s producer quickly became an essential part of their advisory team and helped the pop stars to bring their sound to their fans. December 2017 saw their first Christmas single released ‘Last Christmas‘ within days it was being played all over the world b radio stations, bringing new fans to the Rowan’s all desperate to hear more from this talented duo. ❤️

After the release of ‘My BFFs and Me’ March 2017 a song Faith penned when she was just 12 the duo had shown that their musical talents are marching forward as their fans and critics alike are amazed at the achievments of such young siblings. 

It seems like their is nothing this pair can’t do, they recently took on the roles of music journalism. Contributing regular articles for the International Indie Music Magazine ‘ Music Talks’ on their ‘ Teen Talk‘ page. Their interviews are fascinating and not just being read by teenagers, and their fans, they have a much wider appeal. https://www.musictalks.xyz/teen-talks ❤️

Youth Ambassadors

The world we live in is full of inequalities, which Faith & Harry have a heart and mind to address. when asked in 2017 to join the youth advocates of charity Free 2 Luv the siblings were excited that they could give a voice to those that dont have one; especially as the charity Free 2 Luv are fighting bullying in all its many forms. ❤️

The Rowans use their celebrity platform to raise awareness of declining music programs both within schools and out. They regularly raise funds to keep music education available to kids and teens. They hope one day all children will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. ❤️

Photographic Models

Faith & Harry’s ‘good looks’ we’re soon noticed after they started performing together, which led them into photographic modeling. The Pair have been photographed for a wide variety of jobs from Music shops to high street chains. They’ve been praised for their fun and creative personalities. ❤️ 

The duo have recently worked with highly acclaimed music photographer Sean Rayford, his Creative style blends well with Faith & Harry’s individual characters, they want their fans to see the real them in a photo, whether telling a story or showing the latest jeans! ❤️

The Future

What are our plans!

Faith & Harry are like all kids studying hard to keep their grades up. But when the books are away the instruments and microphones come out. The siblings take their music careers seriously, and are proactive in pushing for tour dates, meet and greets, and more interaction with their fans in the US, UK, and eventually world wide.  After the successes of the Rowans performing at music festivals in the summer of 2017 they’re hungry for more live shows. Performance dates will be released soon. ❤️

While fans await live dates the siblings are releasing their next single, and late spring their much awaited album will hit digital stores. As the recording of the first album is done and dusted the siblings are already composing new songs for their next album. Faith & Harry are going places and are not waiting to be spotted by a record label they’re ‘kicking down the doors‘ with sheer determination and hard work, music Biz look out! ❤

Musicians life isn’t enough for Faith & Harry they’re also enjoying the model life, as they‘re asked to shoot more and more fashion campaigns. The rising stars are the ‘new kids on the block’  changing the face of celebrity. It seems their fans will be chasing them through out 2018 as there’s no stopping the Rowan duo! ❤️


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